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  • Episode 5: I’m a Real Stand Up Employee with My New Standing Desk

    I recently purchased a standing desk for my home office so I can stand up while working. No, I’m not a self-loathing masochist, I just got tired of sitting on my ass all day. You see, I sit while at work, then when I need a break I go out to the living room to watch TV while sitting. Sometimes I want some fresh air, so I’ll take a stroll out to our pond where I have a nice comfy chair to sit in and read. Then when the work day is all done I get to reward myself with a few hours of sitting on my ass until I go to bed where I do a form of extreme sitting called lying down!

  • Episode 4: Staying Fit During the Pandemic: 5 Tips from an Unqualified Nobody

    Staying physically fit during a worldwide pandemic can be difficult. Trust me. I’ve found it so difficult I haven’t even tried.