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  • Episode 22: A Largely Inaccurate History of the McDonald’s Arches

    McDonald’s was founded at some point in the past by restaurateur brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald who had a vision to revolutionize the way people developed type 2 diabetes.

  • Episode 18: “Gourmet” Sandwiches

    I just had Subway for lunch and I was once again surprised at how much it didn’t suck.

  • Episode 16: Home Fries

    Tim marveled at the home fries. They were quite different here at Lindy's in New York City than what he'd grown up consuming as home fries back in Texas. Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/scriblets)

  • Episode 11: How to Make French Toast

    Making French toast is extremely easy especially if you’re French. If you’re not French but just a cultural-appropriating monster who would like to take advantage of a long-established culinary history you had no hand in creating for your own selfish (and tasty) desires, then read on.

  • Episode 9: Welcome to Reality. May I Take Your Order?

    If you are a college student, I strongly suggest that you go ahead and get an internship at a fast food restaurant in your area. That way you’ll be fully prepared to enter the job market when you graduate in 10 years.

  • Episode 1: Food Amazes Me

    Food amazes me. I’m not talking about the kind of naturally occurring food you can just yank off a tree or run down on the highway, I’m talking about the kind of food people make by mixing things together in a test kitchen or laboratory.