Tag: redneck

  • Episode 12: Ricky Tango, Jr. Tells a Space Story

    Ricky Tango Jr called me the other day and left me this voicemail. I'm pretty sure he didn't make this story up.

  • Episode 6: Ricky Tango, Jr. Becomes a Man

    I was ten years old the day I became a man. I was out under the pecan tree eating porridge from my favorite armadillo shell when I heard Momma scream. I ran as fast as my 8-year-old legs could carry me (my legs have always been late bloomers) and came upon a horrific sight. Momma had been sucked into the combine. Poppa was there trying to pull her out, but ended up ripping the scalp right off her head. I don’t know why he was pulling her by the hair instead of her arms. Grown-ups can be peculiar I learned that day.

  • Episode 2: Ricky Tango, Jr. Under the Couch

    Harrowing tale of young Ricky Tango, Jr.’s sad life living under his morbidly obese parents’ couch.